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NEW! Flight and Duty Time Tracking  

Flight Status Manager is an aviation software package designed to assist in everyday management of a flight department, gathering information in one central location and disseminate that information to those who use it on an everyday bases.  Data is gathered from your flight log for pilot tracking and aircraft tracking of your fleet.  Then as trips are flown, the flight log data is entered into the Flight Status Manager program when the aircraft returns to home base.  This data is used to build a rich history of your flight department and this record keeping is implemented to construct reports, alert management and pilots of up coming items due.  This program increases communications across the Flight Department and is useable across your network.

Flight Status Manager organizes your data into one easy too use location. Flight and Duty Time track is made easy. Fuel cost tracking is available and capable of keeping track of the current cost of the fuel currently on board.  Many more features make Flight Status Manager a valuable tool for any Aviation Flight Department. Flight Department manager made easier and less time consuming.